Idreco Delivers ISD-600 for Hydro-Dam in Congo

The INGA dam is the largest hydro-dam in Africa and generates approximately 1,775 megawatts of electricity. Like many hydro and water reservoir dams in the world that are over 30 years old, sedimentation build up has reduced the electrical generation capacity of the hydro-dams by reducing water flow through the turbines. In reservoirs, sedimentation build up has reduced the water capacity of the dams, which affects supply for drinking water, irrigation, fish population, as well as increasing the potential of toxic algae blooms. By removing the sediment deposit with this high volume dredging technology, SNEL, after 2-3 years, will resolve their reduced electrical generation problem and depending on the dredging production hours the remainder of the dam area can be cleaned together with the existing Idreco dredger type ISD 550, with a 20 meter digging depth.

SNEL contacted Idreco because of their experience and knowhow to help them with a state-of-the-art dredging solution to clean the sediments in an efficient way, knowing that jet dredgers are the most efficient mining solution for this material at these digging depths. “By using the electricity of the hydro-dam, the energy costs stay very low, are very effective and environmentally friendly”, says Wim Snippe, Managing Director of Idreco. He personally guided the whole project with his team and has wide experience in dredger construction and operation.

IDRECO’s deep digging dredges provide solutions for the removal of sediment, so that the hydro-dams and reservoirs productive life can be extended for an additional 30 years or more. “We are not just delivering ‘modern dredging solutions’ for dredging in mining and hydro-dam areas”, states Wim Snippe, “we are working as partners with our customers, to maximize production at the lowest cost per m3 in the most efficient way.”


IDRECO utilizes frequency drives on all of its dredge motors and has its own proprietary Dredger Control and Digital GPS Sonar Systems, which allow customers the option to remotely check and operate the dredge. Idreco can remotely troubleshoot and provide optimum performance of the dredge via the installed DCS and remote communication systems. This also allows Idreco to advise the customer about possible maintenance issues and improved operation of the dredger. Idreco maintains adequate spare parts inventory for quick delivery to minimize down time.


Operator cabin with Dredge Control & Digital GPS Sonar Systems with
map & digital screen read outs


  • Location
  • INGA Dam - Congo
  • Pump
  • IDP 600
  • Dredging depth
  • 30 m
  • Production
  • 5000 m3/hr

ISDC 1 Idreco Suction Dredger Containerized 1


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