IDRECO delivers IMD 2 dredger to France

This IDRECO IMD 2 dredger is the first Idreco dredger delivered to TP Klein and is easy dismountable and transportable on trucks.

The dredger is equipped with an in-board high performance Idreco IDP300 dredge pump with double curved vanes and has a spherical passage of 180mm. The dredge pump is frequency driven by an electric motor with a power of 250 kw. A jet water pump with a capacity of 200 m3 at 9 bar pressure is placed inside the main pontoon and feeds the 8 jet nozzles on the jet suction head. The maximum suction depth of the dredger is 16 meter below water level and it has a production output of 300 ton material per hour.

Installation of the IDRECO Dredger Control System guarantees maximum efficiency in dredging and means maximum production with as less energy use as possible. The system controls the pump and suction tube fully automatic based on mixture velocity, vacuum in the suction pipe and discharge pressure.


  • Location
  • France
  • Pump
  • IDP 300
  • Production
  • 300 ton material per hour
  • Suction depth
  • 16 meter

IMD 2 Idreco Mobile Dredger 2


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