Control systems

DGPS & Dredger Control System

The respective position of the mobile dredging machine is determined through satellite navigation and the working depth of the extraction tool is ascertained by means of the respective sensors. The data is evaluated with a computer and read into a digitalised colour model of the excavation area. The information regarding the terrain model, the current position and the overall area excavated as well as the extraction depth reached is permanently available to the excavation foremen on a flat screen display. This enables the execution of a systematic extraction process within the excavation area. Instances of ineffective multiple dredging within the same sections and reduced extraction due to the exclusion of certain areas are minimised, enabling a notable increase in the deposit yield.

The program encompasses a profile view, which illustrates the cross-section of the gravel bed – as determined through the survey information – in a freely selectable viewing direction, as well as the current depth of the extraction tool. The colour display of the waterway bed, including the existing intermediate material and the underlying stratum, facilitates a precise positioning of the extraction tool within the gravel layer and enables avoiding the simultaneous excavation of useless material.

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